When I signed up to work with Julie, I never could have imagined the significance of the journey I was embarking on. Julie was born to coach, and you won’t find a more encouraging person on the planet. She has a special way of putting you at ease right from the beginning. This enabled me to unearth some of the deep-seated habits and patterns that were keeping me stuck. I’ve experienced a lot of growth during my time with Julie, and in multiple areas of my life — most significantly as it relates to my career. I am now actively working toward fulfilling my vocational calling, and Julie has been there to support me every step of the way. She has my highest recommendation. Do yourself a favor — invest in your future by hiring her today! I’m so glad I did!



I can’t say enough about working with Health & Life Coach Julie! Before Julie and I began working together, I had problems getting clarity and focusing in my day-to-day life as well as with my health goals. I was stressed out and greatly overwhelmed trying to get everything accomplished. That all changed when I began working with Julie.

Having been in the fitness industry for such a long time I was a bit skeptical to give coaching a try. I am so glad that I did though. We resonated so well right from the start having a similar background. We connected so well that it was like talking to someone who has been with me my whole life. The experience was so refreshing and nothing like what I expected.

“We connected so well that it was like talking to someone who has been with me my whole life.”

Julie has great patience and a giant heart. Her genuine caring shines through each time we meet with thoughtful and sincere interest in me and what I wanted. Completely different from any other coaching or training I received in the past. Through our sessions she helped me see how some easy and fun changes can make such a huge difference. She also provided the gentle but firm challenges and stretch at just the right time that made the difference for me.

It is life changing having the support and accountability that my journey with Julie has provided. Without that support and knowing that I had a trusted confidant and friend in my corner I would not be where I am now.

I have achieved some pretty significant business improvement, achieved personal goals and milestones. I can’t wait to continue my journey! It was very easy for me to say yes to continue working with her. If you are wanting a truly life changing experience and a sure-fire way to reach your life and health goals, you can’t go wrong with Julie.


Julie really cares and it shows. She has helped me with some major breakthroughs on my mindset and has helped me to change some habits and ways of thinking that will help me achieve long term success. I highly recommend connecting with Julie as your virtual health coach!

M. G.

I came to Julie to help me lose weight and to clean up my diet, but that’s not all I got. We uncovered some other areas in my life that needed improving. I am now getting more sleep and have a more consistent bedtime. I’ve learned how to create habits around reducing clutter and keeping things clean. In addition, I’m learning to prioritize myself and the things that are important to me. I don’t know how to express the gratitude I have for Julie and the work and time that she has put in for me. It has been such a treasure working with Julie to improve my health as well as my life.


I wanted to take a little bit of time and express my gratitude for the help you have provided me.

When I started this journey I was skeptical of what I was going to get out of it. I will tell you, you surprised me with the wealth of knowledge that you gave me in such a short time! From getting me to understand that I’m worth it and deserve the best things that life has to offer.

To getting me to clear the clutter from my house and life. To move forward and make time for myself. To giving me the tools to relieve the stress that I was under.

I look at every interaction I have now as an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you did!

I’ll be meeting with you when I’ve accomplished my task and am ready to start my new journey!!


Julie’s work has been a game-changer. I began her process with preconceived ideas about what areas I would like to focus on. Using her knowledge and creativity, she tapped into areas that I had no idea were adversely affecting my life. She completely surpassed my expectations, and as a result, I have already begun to notice significant improvements in my diet, job performance, career satisfaction, happiness and so many other areas. Through her guidance, I was able to re-kindle the fire I never knew I lost. Her expertise helped me discover unknown problems that all had a direct impact on my quality of life. I can’t thank Julie enough. She has made a huge impact on my life.


I knew that my life was out of balance and I needed to make some changes, especially with my time management and with my eating habits. I was running ragged and drinking lots of coffee and soda to keep my going. When I started working with Julie I was very resistant to change. I was afraid she was going to push me hard into a regiment that I would dread doing. I was afraid of someone seeing my vulnerable parts that need help. Julie was so incredibly honoring, gentle, positive, understanding. I found that coaching with her was always something I looked forward to and never dreaded. She opened up so many doors that I didn’t even realize I had closed so tightly. Some of my deep-seeded beliefs, values, hurts, fears, and even joys were gently brought to the surface and into the light. Many sessions I would cry deep tears from the very depths of me. It was beautiful and it was a gift. I had two major “ah-ha” moments that unlocked 1.)why I keep clutter in my bedroom that I hate but never could clear for over a decade 2.)what is holding me back from taking care of my body the way I should. It was majorly transforming.

I really liked the structure of the program itself… the materials and exercises were always dynamic. I LOVED my talks with Julie. She is so wise, well read, well grounded in God, and just an amazing person to have coach me. She is living in her giftedness. When someone is using their best God-given gifts and their rich life experience to serve others, the results are just multiplied.

I have been to counseling before where it took weeks and weeks to go deep and make connections. Julie was so present, intuitive, and we make quick, meaningful, steady progress. The twelve weeks with her felt like a gift that kept giving. I felt like I was getting a big portion of understanding and progress each week and I didn’t have to wait until the end. I really loved her followup emails that she would recap the breakthrough thoughts that we had. She was excellent at keeping me accountable too. She would send a little text a couple of days later to check in.

I really cannot say enough about my time with Julie. I feel so very happy and blessed that I got to do this coaching program with her. My life is physically and emotionally decluttered and on such a healthier path. Now that I have completed the program, I actually miss our time together so it may be time to sign up again 😉

Again, I have been in counseling in different capacities and I have been coached professionally some. My time with Julie was truly like no other. She really has a gift and together with the materials, offers a very solid experience. She puts 110% into her coaching. The followup emails and texts were way above and beyond. She is so good at this and I know she will be wildly successful. I smile for the people’s lives who will be changed because of her.


Coach Julie is amazing. My marriage had suffered a catastrophic blow. I was overwhelmed with grief and confusion. I needed wisdom and support from someone who had experience and training. This was the most difficult thing I had ever gone through. Do I stay? Do I go? When this kind of trauma hits, it’s difficult to be objective. Pain and emotion threaten to swallow you whole. Julie was a neutral Godly support system that helped me figure out what I wanted and needed. She listened. She provided a safe place for me to process. She provided the accountability I needed to make good decisions. She held a vision for my peace, strength and prosperity when I could barely make it through the day. I cannot express enough my enthusiastic support for Coach Julie! I’m forever grateful for the time and energy she invested in me.


My experience with Julie Prager, Health & Life Coach. She is a first-rate coach. I was struggling with inflammation, fatigue, lack of focus and motivation. Her nutritional expertise and coaching opened doors in my life I was unable to see without her guidance. Meeting with her each week, she was judgment free, she listened to my needs and she guided me to a path where I am able to create focus and movement. YES, I feel great in my skin! Julie was very consistent, on top of things, and supportive while holding me accountable each week. She made me feel so comfortable that I always looked forward to talking with her. She is a light of goodness in my life. I would highly recommend her to any of my family and friends.


I’ve been working alongside Julie for awhile now and she is exactly what I need in my life! I recently struggled with making a big decision for myself and my family and she couldn’t have been more helpful on getting me out of that stuck state. She genuinely listens, cares and validates my thoughts/feelings while also decoding what’s really going on. Julie is definitely someone you want in your corner to help you navigate life!


Julie really cares and it shows. She has helped me with some major breakthroughs on my mindset and has helped me to change some habits and ways of thinking that will help me achieve long term success. I highly recommend connecting with Julie as your virtual health coach!


Julie ’s coaching is in one word, dynamite. She is present, positive, efficient, and packs a full punch into every minute of every session. I was literally moved to tears on multiple occasions for how productive she was in such a short 1 hour amount of time! Although I paid more for her program than past coaches, it has been worth every penny as she produces a high value for each minute of our time together.

I rave about her to my family and friends, and also feel so grateful and honored to have her in my life in this manner. Her dynamic and present energy elevates my own in our sessions; I surprisingly get excited for our sessions, and look forward to just interacting with her. Working with her has changed my life for the better. I appreciate her faith in God, and that it does not interfere with our process; it is merely an enhancer.

Prior to finding Julie’s coaching, I had worked with 2 other life coaches. I love life coaching as it is helpful in creating positive change on a daily basis, and I appreciated what my other coaches had to offer. Even so, I would tend to stagnate with them such that I wanted something more. Julie is that “something more” and then some! I admire her as a person and am blessed to simply know someone like her let alone get to have such a professional, capable and caring individual in my personal corner as support.

Notably, she is accommodating to my needs as someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder. She sets her personal beliefs and values aside to not only refrain from judging my life choices but to also honor and validate me in the present right where I am. She securely walks with me through an intelligent and creative solution oriented practice. She is as professional as it gets and keeps her word; when she says she’s going to do something she does it and does it quickly. She also takes time to summarize our sessions in a written email form so that I have something to refer to during our time apart; these help our productive sessions sink in deeper as I refer back to them.

I highly recommend Julie Prager coaching!